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Information about how to spot a scam when selling your car online

October 10th, 2017

Now that your car is looking good and ready for sale, how do you know who to sell it to? It might seem obvious, “well anyone that wants to buy it, I guess.”. Wrong. Scammers lurk around every corner and could be looking to take advantage of you. Don’t worry, though, because Kumbera Motors, your friendly car selling assistant, is here to warn you about some of the most common car buying scams. Some things you should be wary of when selling your car are:Kumbera Motors shares information about how to spot a scam when selling your car online

  • If the buyer offers to purchase your vehicle sight-unseen – This is the first warning sign of what is generally a larger scam. Usually, this segways to a money order or check fraud.
  • If the buyer offers to pay with checks or money orders – While this isn’t always true, a common way to scam is to offer a bad check on a fake bank account. Never sign over a deed until after the check or money order clears, and always ask for cash or a more secure method of payment if possible.
  • If the buyer offers to purchase the car for more than the asking price – This scenario might also be paired with something along the lines of “I’m purchasing this car for my uncle, and if you put the title in his name, I’ll throw in an extra $500”.
  • If the buyer offers payments – Unless you personally know the buyer, refuse payments. While this isn’t necessarily a scam, it’s generally a pretty bad idea, because you aren’t a debt collection agency.
  • If the buyer asks to use an unknown escrow service – If an escrow service that isn’t reputable is used, the buyer can receive the car, but the money will no longer be available.
  • Asking for personal information – If a buyer asks you for your social security number, bank account information, credit card numbers, or any other personally identifiable information not necessary for a title transfer. If they ask for this information, it may be an attempt at identity theft.

As you can tell, there are a lot of ways that people can try and take your money. To make matters worse, investigations into matters like these can take months or even years to complete, potentially leaving you without your money and your car. You could avoid all of the hassle, though, by calling Kumbera Motors, your friendly car selling assistant. We make sure that you have a flawless experience when selling your car online. We can be reached at 928-710-7101

How to make your vehicle shine for online selling

October 10th, 2017

Kumbera motors explains how to properly clean your car for saleSo, you want to sell your car online… Is it ready to be photographed? Is it ready for the scrutiny that is the online buyers will give it? Look at that scratch! How about that discoloration! And it’s not even shiny. Kumbera Motors, your vehicle selling assistant is here today to help you to make sure your car is in tip-top shape for selling online.

The first thing you should do is clean it. A good washing will suffice for most cars. Use some good soap or car cleaner and cold water, and make sure that the soap doesn’t sit too long. Use a soft towel to dry large areas, and a good microfiber cloth to do the windows and details. Also, be sure to clean from the top down so you find yourself going back over what you already rinsed. When cleaning the wheels, it’s a good idea to use a bristled brush and some soap.

Next, you’re going to want to do some polishing and waxing. Getting the best shine out of your car is an art, and can’t be explained to the full extent in this article, so some trial and error is required. The gist of it is that you need to use small, quarter-sized amounts of wax. Make sure to use many thin coats rather than one or two thick coats. Make sure to really rub the wax in, and then move on to the wheels. Generally, you can wax your rims the same way that you would wax the rest of your car, but the tires are a little different. For your tires, you’re going to want to get tire shine and spray it around 6 inches away while using a piece of paper as a shield to prevent the tire shine from getting on the rest of the car.

Now that you’ve finished the tires and given the wax time to set, you’re going to want to go back and polish the body. Use another microfiber cloth or a very, very soft buffing wheel at a slow speed to really bring out the shine of the wax. If your car isn’t getting a shine, you might want to consider applying another thin coat of wax, waiting for it to set, and then buffing again.

Now we’re going to want to clean the windows. Get a separate microfiber cloth specifically for the windows and other glass, and then use a nice glass cleaner. Spray the glass cleaner lightly onto the window and then wipe in a circular motion. Be careful not to let the cleaner drip onto the fresh wax. Then, with the outside done, move on to the inside. Follow the same procedure on the inside of the car, being careful to not let the glass cleaner drip onto the interior.

Finally, vacuum and spot clean the interior. Pull out all the floor mats and cup holder protectors (if applicable) and give them a good cleaning. Make sure to get the upholstery with a light scrubbing vacuum tip to work up all the dirt. Use a bit of rubbing alcohol to get out any tough grime on plastics and rubbers, but don’t let it sit too long.

Now you have a beautiful car to take high-quality photos of for selling online… where should you possibly list your baby? Kumbera Motors has you covered! We are an online vehicle selling agent. We handle all the listing, calls, and negotiations as well. Give us a call at 928-710-7101

Your Car Sales Agent and Assistant For Private Party Car Sales

October 10th, 2017

Kumbera Motors - Your Car Sales Agent and Assistant For Private Party Car SalesAre you looking to purchase a classic car or truck? Tired of walking the local or state car shows looking for something you like for sale at a reasonable price? Have you considered online auction or sales websites that make you cringe with the bad pictures or the deals that turn out to be too good to be true? We invite you to a different kind of website; www.KumberaMotors.com. At Kumbera Motors we have the best private party cars for sale. Each vehicle as an array of images and full details to help you make your decision.

Kumbera Motors is a car sales agent and assistant for private party car sales

We help buyers and sellers of custom and classic cars come together. As a consignment vehicle sales assistant, we have helped hundreds of auto enthusiasts have smooth transactions online. We coach our sellers to take quality photos of their vehicles and gather specific information as to the condition and specs of the vehicle.

As a vehicle listing agent, for the sellers, we not only list your vehicle on our own website (KumberaMotos.com), but we list your vehicle several other online marketplaces (ClassicCars.com, RacingJunk.com, OldRide.com, and much more), each of which get hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

For buyers, we act as the car sellers agent, taking your calls to answer any questions you may have about the vehicle. Many times we have seen the vehicle in person and have eyewitness accounts of the vehicle to answer any questions you may have regarding your specific desires.

Just looking… If you are searching for something special, we can help you locate it. Custom and classic vehicles for sale are what we do. We have dozens of contacts involved in private party car sales, collections, and in our travels, we are always finding new consignment vehicles for sale. Let us find that special car for you.

Kumbera Motors, for over 10 years now, has been facilitating private party car sales online. We have thousands of people looking for consignment vehicles for sale. We take only the best classic or custom vehicles and our past clients return confidant they received the best service possible during their sales or purchase. To see how we can help you sell your vehicle, or help you find that vehicle you have always been looking for, contact us today. Call 710-7101

Photographing your vehicle for sale

October 10th, 2017

tips for photografining you car - Kumbera Motors - Vehicle listing agentAre you selling a classic car or truck? Looking for a larger market to sell to than just your local area? Kumbera Motors is a consignment vehicle seller’s agent that can help you get your vehicle in front of thousands of potential buyers all over the country. Selling your vehicle online can be hassle-free, however, it is important to have enough details about the vehicle so buyers can make an accurate assessment of your vehicle.

One way to help buyers decide is to have enough images of the vehicle, this gives the buyer reasons to purchase your car or truck and not the other guys. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there are over 30,000 reasons below.

We have covered other tips for photographing your vehicle in a previous article. This article is more about what are the best images to take. Remember we are not going so much for quantity, but quality.

First is the shot you will be using as the cover photo. This photo should be full of action, clean sharp and fill the frame (nothing of the vehicle should be off the image), and be taken as a 3/4 shot from the front passenger’s side of the vehicle. This should be taken from a mid-way vantage point (not too high or low) with the tires turned to the left. This image will draw people’s attention and will make them want to click on the vehicle to learn more about it.

The rest of the image’s item of focus should fit completely in the frame. Your shot list should include:

Outside Photos

  • 3/4 Shot from the passenger’s side with wheels turned towards the left
  • Passenger side
  • Rear
  • Driver side
  • Front
  • Front grille closeup
  • Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Lights and lens covers
  • Tires (each one)

Interior (Passenger Area) Images

  • Door Panels (each one)
  • Seats (lower and upper seat images)
  • Side shot across the seats from passenger and driver sides (front with door open, and if 4 door, across rear with door open)
  • Headliner
  • Dash – full image from rear seat
  • Dash (instrument cluster) close-up
  • Dash (radio and controls) close-up
  • Rear view mirror – from rear seat
  • Steering wheel – from rear seat
  • Floorboards – from all doors

Trunk and Cargo Images

  • Trunk open – Overview
  • Trunk lid – Underside
  • Spare tire
  • Electrical components and accessories (amps, batteries, compressors)

Engine Compartment Images

  • Engine overall
  • Engine right side
  • Engine left side
  • Engine front side
  • Engine details (carburetor, battery, belts, hoses, fan, radiator, anything else of interest

What’s left?

Many long-distance buyers may also want to know the condition of the underside and top of the vehicle. If the vehicle has a vinyl top or is a convertible, you will need to include enough images of those to get an idea of any issues there. As for the underside of the vehicle, taking it to an automotive shop will allow you to get overall and detailed images of the condition/damage if they will put it on a lift for you. Many shops will do this without a problem and will spend a moment to talking to you about your vehicle. You may even get lucky and someone will know a local buyer!

So why so many pictures?

There is no doubt that you have taken the time to polish the chrome, choose the right location, and wait until the light is just right. If someone inquires about a section of the vehicle you did not photograph you may be tempted to just run outside and snap a quick shot of the vehicle. Unfortunately, if this buyer is wondering, other may be too. It is best to get all the images perfectly the first time.

As you can tell, from this article and our last, there is a lot that goes into the images of vehicles online to sell a vehicle. It may seem like a lot of work, however if this is not your first classic car or truck you have sold, you may already know how much time it can really take. Think about the time it will takes to shine this vehicle up each weekend before the next car show, driving to the location, and spending the day talking to prospective buyers. Yikes!

Want some help?

We know how much time it takes to sell a classic car or truck. Sometimes it is part of the fun, almost as much fun as it is to restore it, but who wants to spend there weekends out in the hot sun in some parking lot? If you want to try a different way to sell your vehicle, let Kumbera Motors help! We are a consignment vehicle seller’s agent. We have thousands of people looking at our vehicles every month and have buyers looking for classic or special vehicles just like yours! For more information on our vehicle listing services, call 928-710-7101

The Advantages of Selling a Car on Consignment

October 10th, 2017

If you want to sell your car online, with a car seller’s agent, get in touch with Kumbera Motors.There are a few reasons to sell a car; to trade it in for a new or newer one, to replace it with something more fitting to your current lifestyle, or to make a profit. There are disadvantages to working with a dealer. His hope is that you will trade it in for something in his inventory, or maybe offer you less than you’d expect just so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of selling it on your own. There are also disadvantages to selling it in the online classifieds for basic security reasons. Craigslist has been associated with crime and theft and that’s discouraging. There is another option and it’s not necessarily new. Why not consider an auto broker, such as Kumbera Motors? Also known as an auto seller’s agent, or auto listing agent, there are some clear advantages to selling your car this way.

• The cars are promoted online.
• The seller’s agent will take the vehicle, put it on his lot, handle the sale and take only a commission when it sells.
• The price through a private party is usually lower, but with the agent will put the retail price on the car, so it’s possible for the seller will get more.
• You are not taking the risk of trying to sell your car to a stranger in your driveway while expecting him to pay with a certified check or cash.
• The agent may offer incentives that you can’t in order to sell the car at a better profit.
• Cars sold this way are placed under scrutiny and maybe even have to pass inspection.
• The cars are not owned by the listing agent, so there is no pressure felt by the agent to meet any kind of quota.
• Cars are stored under the safety and security of the owner until they are sold.
• The buyer and seller don’t have to meet; the seller does have each offer presented to him.
• The seller’s agent doesn’t have to have a specific physical location. He will list cars located all over the country, and even worldwide.

Kumbera Motors offers you peace of mind. When selling through Kumbera Motors, you always have the choice to accept or decline any offer. As your listing agent, they will know what your net amount will be before accepting any offer. You will not have to release your vehicle or title until you have been paid in full. Your sale will be safe and secure. Kumbera Motors has 30 years experience in the car industry; they know all the ins and outs. Kumbera Motors has over a dozen years in online automotive marketing allowing them to enjoy many successful sales as a car seller’s agent.

Call Kumbera Motors today at 928-710-7101 or visit http://www.kumberamotors.com/http://www.kumberamotors.com/

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The “Grand Prix” car, then and now

June 18th, 2013


I recently watched the 1966 movie “Grand Prix” with James Garner, and really enjoyed seeing it again. I had seen it when I was quite a bit younger and I still remember how exciting it was to see then. You should check this one out. It’s out on DVD with Netflix now, or on Amazon Instant Video. Its re-release was in 2006 and released on Blu Ray in 2011 .
You don’t have to be a car guy to like it either, my wife liked it too. But she likes anything from the 1960s. “Grand Prix” not only has great cars and race sequences it demonstrates the most exciting period of Formula One racing, with actual racing footage and cameos by some of the best drivers of the time. The movie also stars Eva Marie Saint, Yves Montand, Antonio Sabato and Jessica Walter, who now is very popular in the Arrested Development series. Hmmm.. maybe the connection between her and the Arrested Development’s Executive Producer and Narrator, Ron Howard, prompted him to make his most recent Formula One racing movie “Rush”. Maybe. Can’t wait to see that one too!

The car driven by James Garner is a 1961 Lotus 20. This car, as well as other cars in the movie, were 4 cylinder cars made to look like Formula One race cars.   They had to put oil on the tires to make it appear like the tire spin of the more powerful cars when taking off. The result was certainly realistic.
I was recently lucky enough to be in contact with the person who owns the Lotus 20 James Garner drove in the film. Here are some photos of the Lotus 20 then and now.
You’ll notice it now has very different bodywork than was used in the film. This is the actual car that James Garner drove. It is part of a collection of older Race Cars that will be coming to market.


52 years later it is ready to take out on the Race Track.

2013-03-20  Lotus 20-22 a


2013-03-20  Lotus 20-22 h

It’s simply cool to see this car again!

2013-03-20  Lotus 20-22 b

2013-03-20  Lotus 20-22 g

Valve Flow Dynamics

May 10th, 2013

This is a great article to understanding why it is important to keep your valves clean. Also why adding new style heads can help an old Vehicle perform better.

Great Reading.


Cutlass 442 W-30 found in original condition

May 2nd, 2013

1971 Olds 442 W30 001 1971 Olds 442 W30 003 1971 Olds 442 W30 006 1971 Olds 442 W30 008 1971 Olds 442 W30 010 1971 Olds 442 W30 011 1971 Olds 442 W30 013 1971 Olds 442 W30 021I see many restored and built up ones from who knows what. Seeing an original one with the same owner for over 35 years is cool. These are great Muscle cars that are starting to be aware of by people. Growing up around a car lot with many muscle cars coming and going I do remember when these cars were only a year or two old. Many considered these the Luxury Muscle car similar to the Buick GS models. They had good Horsepower and a whole ton of torque. One of my first Cars was a ’71 Olds 455 V8, but it was the Delta 88 2 door model. I still surprised many others wanting race. The Automatics would downshift into passing gear at 95-100 mph. I can remember having to swap the rear tires out on Fridays as I had roasted the previous ones off during the previous weeks of showing off. I would have loved to have had the extra $$$ for a Cutlass like this one back then.

Bullitt Mustang in the waiting.

May 2nd, 2013

1 3 5 6 10

This would make a nice and quick conversion to the Bullitt Mustang movie car. Highland Green with the 390 and 4 speed Transmission. This car has the GT package which was a rare factory option. Cost for a car equipped like this one was not too far off from what a Shelby GT350 would cost.
A reminder of that famous Bullitt chase scene can be seen here.