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Kinser Sprint Car

Kinser Sprint Car

Kinser Sprint Car

Kinser Sprint Car
Kinser Sprint Car

This Kinser Sprint car was restored by Championship Racing in Indianapolis, IN. They are one of the two
premier Indy car restoration shops.

The current owner states:

“The car that they (Championship Racing) started with was one of Kinser’s Championship cars –
from his – I believe – ’77 season but it might have been ’76. I am told that this car had the front end ripped off
in an accident which is very common. An entire new front end was fabricated and the chassis was lengthed
a few inches. The 800 HP alcohol small block Chevy was removed and it was replaced with a fresh 450 HP
small block Chevy that runs on premium pump gas. A 2-speed Chevy hydromatic drag race transmission was
then installed to provide forward, reverse and park positions. All necessary items were added to the car to
make it street legal – I have personally driven the car on the street in Calif. for probably 1200 to 1500 miles
with no issues other than the need to be aware that the power to weight ratio is better than twice that of a
Dodge Viper.

The car also comes with a full outlaw wing that is painted white to match the car. I also put a racing fuel
cell inside what was once the wet tail for added safety on the street. The car is equipped with street
legal tires.”

Type: Fenderless Sprint Car
Year: 76-77?
Make: Kinser
Model: Sprint Car
Transmission: 2-Speed Automatic
Body Style: Open
Drivetrain: RWD
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: White/Black
Engine: V-8 Small Block Chevy
New / Used: Restored
Price: 24,500 Negotiable
Location: California

Contact Information
Jim McLeod
Phone: 928-710-7101
Email: KumberaMotors@gmail.com

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