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1990 Ferrari Testarossa

1990 Ferrari Testarossa

1990 Ferrari Testarossa

This 1990 Ferrari Testarossa has been with the current owner since 2002.  It was purchased with approximately 50k miles and currently has only 59k miles.

The owner was taking the car directly to the Ferrari shop to have the car serviced after these photos were taken.  The Timing Belts and Complete Clutch assembly were replaced.  She had a complete paint job shortly after purchased. The black on the rocker panels was deleted giving this Testarossa a unique appearance.

1990 Ferrari Testarossa

The Ferrari Testarossa came in 1984 as the successor to the Ferrari 512 on the automotive market. The performance of its 4.9-liter V12 mid-engine with the red cylinder heads (hence the name Testarossa : ” red head “) is 390 hp.

The Testarossa is a two-door coupe’ that premiered at the 1984 Paris Auto Show.  All versions of the Testarossa had the power fed through the wheels from a rear-mounted, five-speed manual Transmission. The Mid-Engine, Rear Wheel Drive Layout (engine between the axles but behind the cabin) keeps the center of gravity in the middle of the car, which increases stability and improves the car’s cornering ability, and thus results in a standing weight distribution of 40% front: 60% rear.  The original Testarossa was re-engineered for 1992 and released as the 512 TR, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, effectively as a completely new car, and an improved weight distribution of 41% front: 59% rear.  The F512 M was introduced at the 1994 Paris Auto Show.  The car dropped the TR initials and added the M which in Italian stood for modificata, or translated to modified, and was the final version of the Testarossa, and continued its predecessor’s weight distribution improvement of 42% front: 58% rear.  The F512 M was Ferrari’s last mid-engine 12-cylinder car, apart from the F50, Ferrari Enzo and LaFerrari, featuring the company’s last flat engine. The Testarossa was replaced in 1996 by the front-engined 550 Maranello coupé.

The vehicle should not be confused with the Ferrari TR “Testa Rossa” of the late 1950s and early 1960s, which were sports cars that ran in the World Sportscar Championship, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The normal production of the Testarossa started in July 1984 and ended in late 1991.
The total production was 7177 cars, with serialnumbers in the range of 53081 to 91923.

It took until mid-1985 before the first US-version Testarossas arrived in the USA. Due to high prices and the long waiting list (two to three years!) an additional 150 to 200 Testarossas were imported in the USA as “gray market” cars, which were European versions converted to meet the USA regulations.

Total production per year (non-official):

Year Production USA Model Year s/n (*1) US versions (*2)
1984 110 (not used as USA Model Year)
1985 568 55773 – 59501 121
1986 819 59861 – 67019 300
1987 1008 67487 – 74041 315
1988 1072 74103 – 79219 390
1989 1126 79118 – 82953 261
1990 1308 82836 – 87368 452
1991 1166 86355 – 90351 266

Well, there you have it…only 452 US versions to pick from.  How many are left?  Hard to say.  I suggest don’t wait any longer to get your own!

Seller’s Assistant.  Private Party Sale.  Contact Jim McLeod 928-710-7101 or KumberaMotors@gmail.com

Thanks for looking…

Type: Italian Sports Car
Year: 1990
Make: Ferrari
Model: Testarossa
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Body Style: 2-door Berlinetta
Drivetrain: Mid Engine V-12, 5 Speed Manual
Mileage: 59,740
Exterior Color: Red
Doors: 2dr
Engine: V-12
New / Used: Used
Price: 110,900
Location: California

Contact Information
Jim McLeod
Phone: 928-710-7101
Email: KumberaMotors@gmail.com

Exterior Photos

The original wheels are available. Looking at these pictures it almost seems the paint is dirty, or flawed. Actually, the paint Lustre is so amazing it is reflecting the grass and pollen beyond the curbs where we are parked. I've done all I can in these photos to show the true condition of the car. There is a flaw or two that I have shown, anything else is an illusion due to being parked on the street. Lesson learned. I was very new at this when I took these shots.

Interior Photos

The interior of this car is in immaculate condition. This color combo really looks amazing. Everything works like new.

Engine Photos

Engine compartment is clean and all original. This is a well preserved vehicle driven approximately 10,000 miles in the last 13 years. The owner had an appointment to have it serviced and the belts replaced right after the photo shoot. As you may know, while you are that far in it only makes sense to replace the clutch, even though it had no issues. These service items have now been taken care of and she is ready for carefree operation.

Extra Photos

Under the bonnet of this Ferrari is clean and all original. Note the upgraded stereo system with amplifier and 6 disc changer.