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Besides having over 1200 combined positive feedbacks on eBay and our Kumbera Motors site. Below are a few of the testimonials that we have also received with positive feedback by email and phone from both buyers and sellers after those successful sales were completed:

* Please tell to Dave that with his beautiful Carrera he make a happy guy somewhere in Europe and I will preserve it with many cares.
All the guys in my neighborhood that have seen the car said me: ” one day I would have a Porsche like you, that’s sure”.Many thanks for all Tom and thanks for Dave too. Best Regards, Philippe, France. 1976 Porsche 911 Buyer

* Thanks for selling my vehicle. It was quick first guy to see it came with the money and bought it.
I look forward to your help in the future. Mark. Illinois Corvair Convert. Seller

* Thanks for helping me sell the Jaguar to a good home while I was out of town. Your help with the payment and shipping was appreciated. Fred, Illinois 69 Jaguar Convert. Seller

* Thanks again for your help, with young children it was nice that you were able to deliver the car. Very happy with the Car and we enjoy it. Brent, Indiana 69 Chevelle SS Buyer

* Thanks for your effort in selling my car. Ken. Michigan 64 Thunderbird Seller

* Thanks for all your help with buying this car and with arranging the shipping, I really like driving the T-Bird, Carl, VA. …63 Thunderbird Coupe Buyer.

* Tom, The T-bird arrived this morning.  You can bet that I will keep you in mind.
It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. Mike, PA. …. 64 Thunderbird Buyer.

* Thanks Again Tom, it was a fun drive home. Drove Straight through (10 hours) no problems. Vic, New York, ..2002 Chevy SSR Pick Up bought on eBay, flew in and drove home.

* Thanks again for all you help. Truck drove great, except for the Blizzard we ran into 5 hours from home. We had to lay over night. Rich, Canada. 65 Ford Pick Up, Buyer

* Great car a happy addition to my collection. I look forward to doing business again in the future. Stop by when you are in Florida, Big James, Florida 1969 Camaro ZL1 Buyer