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Besides having over 1200 combined positive feedbacks on eBay and our Kumbera Motors site. Below are a few of the testimonials that we have also received with positive feedback by email and phone from both buyers and sellers after those successful sales were completed:

* Tom,
thanks for your help, we’re gonna have some fun with this little car…
Jim,  Buyer from Wisconsin on 1977 Monza that he drove back to his home 4 hours away.

* Hey Tom,
Just got the 65 corvette convertible delivered and wanted to say Thanks. I really wanted to deal with a private party and not a dealer. I’m very pleased I came across your site. I traveled from San Diego to Colorado and dealt directly with the seller. After buying the car, you put me in touch with Chris of Rapid Transports who helped get the car home. He was excellent and the car was delivered in 4 days. The whole process went so smoothly and I recommend buyers looking for their dream car give you a call.

Tony in San Diego Buyer on 65 Corvette Roadster

* Dear Tom
received the car and all paperwork, almost perfect, today.
A wonderful piece of automotive history which resides since a few hours in my garage.
The transaction between you, Jim and myself went extremely smoothly, on time and as agreed on, only by phone. Super.

I expect the car to be as clean as from the outside and underside when I start to remove a few bolts and nuts. I would not doubt this any time.
This is and was a great experience of doing business in a trustful manner.
I appreciate your honesty and reliability. Feel free to use these comments for any of your advertisements which support your business.
Thank you.
Claus Buyer, 57 Austin Healey, bought car and had it shipped enclosed to Michigan from Illinois.

* Afternoon Tom,
Yes we received it Friday night. Just like you said this is a very nice car. Thank you for your professionalism and handling my sale with care.
Mr. Douglas  California Buyer on a Convertible Corvair.

* Flew in, got picked up at the Airport by Tom taken to vehicle. Planned on taking two days to drive back to Russelville AR. But ended up driving straight through arriving home at 2:30 AM. Great Experience. 2005 Corvette, Terry, Arkansas, Buyer

* I just wanted to let you know that the car arrived with no problems. It was good to meet you and I appreciate all of the help. The transaction was easy and went off without a hitch. Maybe we will do business again in the future.Thanks again, Tom, 1998 Dodge Viper Michigan, Buyer

* Went to see Hummer, just as described bought it and drove it home with no problems.Thanks Again, Arnoldo, Illinois Buyer

* Thanks Tom, I’m very happy with the car.  It is very solid and I have not found any major flaws.  Thanks for the support with the sales process and I’ll check you site from time to time to see if you have anything interesting. Rick, North Carolina. 1995 Porsche Coupe Buyer,(bought over the Internet and had car shipped)

* Tom, I’m very pleased that you were able to make the deal work as one entire package. Thanks again for your help. Steve, Illinois. Sold package of 3 Vintage Thunderbirds and spare parts to one buyer within 2 weeks, quick and fast deal for Seller.

* Tom, Made it back, but rained the whole way and a section of 20 was closed,  that was some trip pulling a 4000 pound car with a half ton truck up all those hills.  Anyhow, thanks for the help. Jason, Iowa Chrysler Newport Sedan, Buyer