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The Advantages of Selling a Car on Consignment

If you want to sell your car online, with a car seller’s agent, get in touch with Kumbera Motors.There are a few reasons to sell a car; to trade it in for a new or newer one, to replace it with something more fitting to your current lifestyle, or to make a profit. There are disadvantages to working with a dealer. His hope is that you will trade it in for something in his inventory, or maybe offer you less than you’d expect just so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of selling it on your own. There are also disadvantages to selling it in the online classifieds for basic security reasons. Craigslist has been associated with crime and theft and that’s discouraging. There is another option and it’s not necessarily new. Why not consider an auto broker, such as Kumbera Motors? Also known as an auto seller’s agent, or auto listing agent, there are some clear advantages to selling your car this way.

• The cars are promoted online.
• The seller’s agent will take the vehicle, put it on his lot, handle the sale and take only a commission when it sells.
• The price through a private party is usually lower, but with the agent will put the retail price on the car, so it’s possible for the seller will get more.
• You are not taking the risk of trying to sell your car to a stranger in your driveway while expecting him to pay with a certified check or cash.
• The agent may offer incentives that you can’t in order to sell the car at a better profit.
• Cars sold this way are placed under scrutiny and maybe even have to pass inspection.
• The cars are not owned by the listing agent, so there is no pressure felt by the agent to meet any kind of quota.
• Cars are stored under the safety and security of the owner until they are sold.
• The buyer and seller don’t have to meet; the seller does have each offer presented to him.
• The seller’s agent doesn’t have to have a specific physical location. He will list cars located all over the country, and even worldwide.

Kumbera Motors offers you peace of mind. When selling through Kumbera Motors, you always have the choice to accept or decline any offer. As your listing agent, they will know what your net amount will be before accepting any offer. You will not have to release your vehicle or title until you have been paid in full. Your sale will be safe and secure. Kumbera Motors has 30 years experience in the car industry; they know all the ins and outs. Kumbera Motors has over a dozen years in online automotive marketing allowing them to enjoy many successful sales as a car seller’s agent.

Call Kumbera Motors today at 928-710-7101 or visit http://www.kumberamotors.com/http://www.kumberamotors.com/

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