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Photographing your vehicle for sale

tips for photografining you car - Kumbera Motors - Vehicle listing agentAre you selling a classic car or truck? Looking for a larger market to sell to than just your local area? Kumbera Motors is a consignment vehicle seller’s agent that can help you get your vehicle in front of thousands of potential buyers all over the country. Selling your vehicle online can be hassle-free, however, it is important to have enough details about the vehicle so buyers can make an accurate assessment of your vehicle.

One way to help buyers decide is to have enough images of the vehicle, this gives the buyer reasons to purchase your car or truck and not the other guys. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there are over 30,000 reasons below.

We have covered other tips for photographing your vehicle in a previous article. This article is more about what are the best images to take. Remember we are not going so much for quantity, but quality.

First is the shot you will be using as the cover photo. This photo should be full of action, clean sharp and fill the frame (nothing of the vehicle should be off the image), and be taken as a 3/4 shot from the front passenger’s side of the vehicle. This should be taken from a mid-way vantage point (not too high or low) with the tires turned to the left. This image will draw people’s attention and will make them want to click on the vehicle to learn more about it.

The rest of the image’s item of focus should fit completely in the frame. Your shot list should include:

Outside Photos

  • 3/4 Shot from the passenger’s side with wheels turned towards the left
  • Passenger side
  • Rear
  • Driver side
  • Front
  • Front grille closeup
  • Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Lights and lens covers
  • Tires (each one)

Interior (Passenger Area) Images

  • Door Panels (each one)
  • Seats (lower and upper seat images)
  • Side shot across the seats from passenger and driver sides (front with door open, and if 4 door, across rear with door open)
  • Headliner
  • Dash – full image from rear seat
  • Dash (instrument cluster) close-up
  • Dash (radio and controls) close-up
  • Rear view mirror – from rear seat
  • Steering wheel – from rear seat
  • Floorboards – from all doors

Trunk and Cargo Images

  • Trunk open – Overview
  • Trunk lid – Underside
  • Spare tire
  • Electrical components and accessories (amps, batteries, compressors)

Engine Compartment Images

  • Engine overall
  • Engine right side
  • Engine left side
  • Engine front side
  • Engine details (carburetor, battery, belts, hoses, fan, radiator, anything else of interest

What’s left?

Many long-distance buyers may also want to know the condition of the underside and top of the vehicle. If the vehicle has a vinyl top or is a convertible, you will need to include enough images of those to get an idea of any issues there. As for the underside of the vehicle, taking it to an automotive shop will allow you to get overall and detailed images of the condition/damage if they will put it on a lift for you. Many shops will do this without a problem and will spend a moment to talking to you about your vehicle. You may even get lucky and someone will know a local buyer!

So why so many pictures?

There is no doubt that you have taken the time to polish the chrome, choose the right location, and wait until the light is just right. If someone inquires about a section of the vehicle you did not photograph you may be tempted to just run outside and snap a quick shot of the vehicle. Unfortunately, if this buyer is wondering, other may be too. It is best to get all the images perfectly the first time.

As you can tell, from this article and our last, there is a lot that goes into the images of vehicles online to sell a vehicle. It may seem like a lot of work, however if this is not your first classic car or truck you have sold, you may already know how much time it can really take. Think about the time it will takes to shine this vehicle up each weekend before the next car show, driving to the location, and spending the day talking to prospective buyers. Yikes!

Want some help?

We know how much time it takes to sell a classic car or truck. Sometimes it is part of the fun, almost as much fun as it is to restore it, but who wants to spend there weekends out in the hot sun in some parking lot? If you want to try a different way to sell your vehicle, let Kumbera Motors help! We are a consignment vehicle seller’s agent. We have thousands of people looking at our vehicles every month and have buyers looking for classic or special vehicles just like yours! For more information on our vehicle listing services, call 928-710-7101