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Information about how to spot a scam when selling your car online

Now that your car is looking good and ready for sale, how do you know who to sell it to? It might seem obvious, “well anyone that wants to buy it, I guess.”. Wrong. Scammers lurk around every corner and could be looking to take advantage of you. Don’t worry, though, because Kumbera Motors, your friendly car selling assistant, is here to warn you about some of the most common car buying scams. Some things you should be wary of when selling your car are:Kumbera Motors shares information about how to spot a scam when selling your car online

  • If the buyer offers to purchase your vehicle sight-unseen – This is the first warning sign of what is generally a larger scam. Usually, this segways to a money order or check fraud.
  • If the buyer offers to pay with checks or money orders – While this isn’t always true, a common way to scam is to offer a bad check on a fake bank account. Never sign over a deed until after the check or money order clears, and always ask for cash or a more secure method of payment if possible.
  • If the buyer offers to purchase the car for more than the asking price – This scenario might also be paired with something along the lines of “I’m purchasing this car for my uncle, and if you put the title in his name, I’ll throw in an extra $500”.
  • If the buyer offers payments – Unless you personally know the buyer, refuse payments. While this isn’t necessarily a scam, it’s generally a pretty bad idea, because you aren’t a debt collection agency.
  • If the buyer asks to use an unknown escrow service – If an escrow service that isn’t reputable is used, the buyer can receive the car, but the money will no longer be available.
  • Asking for personal information – If a buyer asks you for your social security number, bank account information, credit card numbers, or any other personally identifiable information not necessary for a title transfer. If they ask for this information, it may be an attempt at identity theft.

As you can tell, there are a lot of ways that people can try and take your money. To make matters worse, investigations into matters like these can take months or even years to complete, potentially leaving you without your money and your car. You could avoid all of the hassle, though, by calling Kumbera Motors, your friendly car selling assistant. We make sure that you have a flawless experience when selling your car online. We can be reached at 928-710-7101