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Information for those with Vehicles to Sell

Kumbera Motors offers the best personal seller’s assistance service for those wanting professional help with buying and selling vehicles over the Internet. We work closely with the seller and buyer until the vehicle is sold, paid for in full and delivered. Working in the car selling business for over 30 years and 12 years in online marketing and sales has given us the inspiration to come up with a better way of having successful, online vehicle sales. Doing it correctly may appear simple yet it requires hard work and the ability to stay on top of an ever-changing market.

We offer any seller the choice to accept or decline any offer and will know what your net amount will be before accepting any offer. You will not have to release your vehicle or title until you have been paid in full.  We assist you in having a safe and secure sale.

We are located in Northern Arizona, but do travel to meet our clients in many states and sell worldwide.

If you are ready for help you can email me with a description of what you have and ask any questions:


Thank you for your interest.

Tom Kumbera