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In Memoriam

Kumbera Motors was the dream of my husband’s, Tom Kumbera. It started back in 2007 when I first urged him to make the leap into internet car sales, and it slowly became a dream come true! Tom being the honest car salesman that he was, a great friend to everyone he met and a ‘family member’ to our clients, Kumbera Motors gained its reputation on trust, loyalty and, of course, the love of cars.
Tom grew up on car lots, hanging out with his father who owned many lots over the years in northern Illinois. Tom loved cars and everything about them, and over the course of his childhood into the time he was a teen, he knew everything there was to know about them. And by the time he was in his 20s he owned his own lot in northern California.

Tom worked at several dealerships, was the top Lotus salesman for 5 years, he trained drivers to drive their ambitious vehicles on race tracks and enjoyed every minute of it! When Tom wanted to own a virtual showroom of cars for the world to see and buy, he wanted to make it the best showroom possible, with the best photos, videos and and descriptions, so that people knew what they were getting at the end of the sale, no surprises.

Tom passed away on September 24th, 2014 from complications due to head and neck cancer. His death was sudden, but his dream did not go with him. I pledged to keep his dream alive. I found a good friend to partner up with who will help me bring Kumbera Motors back to the good standing it had back when Tom was alive. Jim Mcleod will be working with me, Angela Kumbera, with getting Tom’s dream back on track. I am very excited!

Like I said before, Tom was a good friend too all, and he is truly missed.
As I spread the sad news about Tom during these last 9 months, I got to hear many of the anecdotes that made Tom that special person, that special car salesman. Some of the stories made me smile, others made me cry, but the stories relayed, always told me that Tom left us doing what he truly loved.

Our clients have all stayed on for the wild ride ahead, and we’ve already gained more clients along the way. We are building up and moving forward. We hope you join us in keeping the dream alive for Tom. Check out our new listings as they come. Read our testimonials. Visit our Blog and our YouTube channel too!

All the best,
Angela and Jim

I learned that life is a long and difficult road, but you have to keep going, or you’ll fall by the wayside-Steve McQueen

*Below is the original copy, written by Tom-It still holds true*

We are going into our 15th year of marketing vehicles on the Internet. Over that period of time we have completed well over a thousand transactions with 100% positive feedback on eBay alone and many other sales through our tuttotrading.com website. In 2007 we added the Kumberamotors.com web page. We still operate under the Tutto Trading as our company name and Tuttotrading on eBay.

aboutOur success and focus is on selling and finding vehicles for our clients in an honest way. We try to keep it simple by first working on getting accurate descriptions, photos and video of the vehicle, then promoting the car on our website as well as utilizing the best vehicle advertising sites on the Internet for a potential buyer to see. Our business takes us all over this country, personally meeting our sellers and seeing most of the cars in person.

The Internet has changed how we shop for and buy the vehicle we dream of, and in a positive way. Some are looking for another choice for selling rather than taking their vehicles to a car auction/car show/swap meet and wasting a weekend hoping to meet a buyer, most of the time leaving them frustrated, making the experience worse if the Weather happens to turn bad or their car gets damaged. Spending a weekend at a Hot and Dusty, or Cold and Rainy Car Corral can wear on a person. I know as I have done it myself in the past.  Being where buyers look on the Internet when they are ready to purchase, along with having a good presentation of your vehicle makes a difference in the success of a sale.

We are a Buyers and Sellers Assistant not a Dealer / Consignment facility. We are selective to what we put on the site and normally will go with vehicles that we like and could see owning ourselves. We do not have our own vehicles for-sale that are along side our clients vehicles that we try to switch or Shoe-Horn every prospect into instead of the car they were interested in the first place. What we do is follow-up with all leads answer all questions or concerns without any sales pressure. At the same time we do not try to figure out if the person is a buyer or shopping in the first email or phone call we recieve, we supply the information a person might need in the buying process. I have found that buyers will move forward to buying a vehicle when they feel comfortable with the information they have on the vehicle along with trusting who they are dealing with. If you have been looking for a while you will find out like so many previous customers that we continue to find some of the nicest cars for sale and are very easy to work with. We are lucky that we are able to deal with good sellers and good vehicles and are not too big that we have to put up every vehicle that comes our way.

We have had great success with finding buyers Worldwide for the vehicles we sell by satisfying the concerns of these buyers and their trust in us. Our success ratio for cars sold that we bring to market is well above the average. We avoid bad cars and headaches associtated with many consignment sales on PURPOSE not by accident. We see a lot of vehicles for sale and cars that some of our clients have found elsewhere and need a proffessional opinion of, many we see are not good vehicles, which is why we get excited when we do find a vehicle that I can put on the site.

about_kumberaClick here to see SOLD VEHICLES.

I enjoy talking to people about cars. I have met many good people from around the world through correspondences and conversations about selling cars on the Internet. Sincerity and taking the time to talk ‘cars’ with someone is a pleasure and the sales seem to always take care of themselves when you have someone they feel comfortable doing business with. The type of vehicles that I help sell are cars that people want to enjoy the experience of finding, buying and driving, and reward themselves with.

Thank you visiting and I look forward to personally helping you.

Tom Kumbera


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