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Vehicles For Sale

Quality Custom Cars and Motorcycles

avatarKumberaMotors.com is a virtual Vehicle Center for select vehicles which we advertise and market for our clients. Here you will find a great variety of classic, custom, collectible, luxury, exotic & high performance vehicles to buy. All of the vehicles listed are being sold for private parties or collectors. These vehicles are consigned to us and we are the seller’s agent. Our clientele is mostly made up of buyers and sellers we have been working with over the last 10 years.

We do not buy or inventory the vehicles being sold on our site, but we do personally hand-pick the vehicles we will advertise and market on the internet and in our Virtual Showroom. Having the vehicles stay with the consignors, in their private garages, helps in knowing where the vehicle came from and how it has been treated. Only one out of five vehicles that we look over will be approved for our website.

We will assist completely during the process of buying or selling a vehicle including paperwork, payments and shipping.

Our past experience and solid connections enables us to help you succeed in having a good buying or selling experience. We work close with both buyer and seller and work to make every transaction a positive one. This in return has brought us sales worldwide with many repeat and referral customers. We have had good experience with many sales here in the United States and Internationally. We take pride in having many happy buyers and sellers in the past and look forward to more in the future.